My Cousin, The Rabbit

This story is no longer available to read for free, but it can be purchased at the links following this sample.

My Cousin, The Rabbit

Annie Reed

Published by Thunder Valley Press

Copyright 2011 by Annie Reed

Cover art Copyright 2010 by Ljupco at

I was balancing my morning coffee and a bag of donuts in one hand and fumbling with the key to my office with the other when my cell phone rang.

I’m not a morning person.  I’m also not the world’s greatest cook.  Even though I live in the apartment upstairs from my office, I go out most mornings for coffee and something my mother would not approve of as breakfast food.  So when I recognized the ring tone I’d assigned to my mother — a snazzy little number that sounded like the music from Psycho right about the time Anthony Perkins goes gonzo on Janet Leigh with a knife in the shower — my first reaction was to drop the bag of donuts like a hot potato.

What?  Donuts?  Not me, mom.  I’m going upstairs to fix myself sprouts and granola right this minute.

Not that I had sprouts and granola in my apartment.  I barely had enough food for my cat.

The bag split open when it hit the sidewalk, spilling all that sugary goodness on the wet concrete.  So much for breakfast.  At least I still had my coffee.

I managed to get the office door unlocked and my cell phone out of my pocket before the call rang over to voicemail.

“Your cousin’s missing,” my mother said before I could even croak out a hello.

No wonder she was calling me at this ungodly hour.  Along with my partner, I run D & D Investigations, and as the sign on our front window says, Missing Persons Are Our Specialty.  Since my mother was calling me and not the police, I knew which cousin had to be missing.

Unlike a lot of people, I only have two cousins.  My cousin Stacy lives with her perfect husband and two perfect children in a perfect little house in an exclusive — and very expensive — neighborhood on the south end of Marlette Island.  I live across the bay in a dinky one-bedroom apartment on the second floor of my office building, which happens to be located in a not-very-exclusive neighborhood on the mainland side of Moretown Bay.  If perfect Stacy had gone missing, my mother wouldn’t be calling me.  She’d have called out the National Guard.

That left only one cousin.

“Harold?” I asked.

(end of sample)

# # #

This story can be purchased at Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, the iBookstore, and at Smashwords for a variety of e-reading devices, including your computer.

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